If you haven’t come across an article titled ‘And God Created Millenial Earth‘ by Sara K. Runnels yet, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a twist on Genesis which incorporates millennial stereotypes. Anyway, I just wanted to share it because, as a Millenial, I found it humorous and entertaining so hopefully it gives you something to smile about today!

Please share any entertaining online posts and articles, which you’ve come across, in the comments below! Also, feel free to convey your thoughts, if any, on the article which I’ve shared.



23 thoughts on “‘And God Created Millenial Earth’

      1. The whole interview is a good one if you have the time. I like both Rogan and Petersen although Joe Rogan did seem to misunderstand some of the things that came up in the Damore case….he doesn’t understand trait neuroticism for example.

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      2. Here BTW is the foreword to my september post.

        ” By way of a note of explanation to all of our fellow writers and authors on the site i would like to explain that the original title for this months subject should have been “gender inequality in the workplace”. What happened is that Guntash emailed me with the suggestion for that title and i responded by saying that i thought that using just one word ‘inequality” heavily loaded the question/statement in a way that seems to state that gender inequality does exist in the workplace without challenge.  It is almost as if we would then have to say “gender inequality in the workplace exists therefore……” and take our posts from there.  By saying instead ‘gender differences” we could take as a starting point that inequality could be read as a form of difference and create an argument around that. I don’t have a problem with that at all , in fact i would enjoy reading that post and that argument : indeed i hope that in my own post you will see that my work history strongly includes gender and group inequality.  However by changing just one word in the title we can i believe create a broader swathe of viewpoints for example in a similar discussion to the one that James Damore proposed in his now infamous memo that led to his firing from Google.

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      3. My post will be ready in a couple of days so i will release it early : part of the reason for that is that i am on leave in September and going to be away sailing and nowhere near the internet. I don’t for a moment want to steer anyones posts and would enjoy it if someone went for the jugular with gender inequality but i would also want to know how they got there. I am at least halfway through my piece…warning : its a long one

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    1. KEK is from World of Warcraft and is considered “Horde speak”. Unfortunately, I believe as of late it has been associated with the alt-right American dog whistles, as it comes up under a Google search as “Cult of Kek” and “Horde of Kek” and “Centipede” speak.

      I learned a lot of new terminologies just from looking “KEK” up today. What a strange place the internet can be.

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  1. As a Boomer, I don’t understand all the acronyms, and I’m not tweeting yet (or ever), but I did go back to college at 68 to learn some computer graphics…which wasn’t invented when I was in college. I’m currently working on a fiber piece which will include 9 Fears…it strikes me that Millenials would have some big ones to add to my project…I’d love to hear about them from you, Guntash, or anyone…some of mine as a 70-year-old are: Natural disaster (I live in earthquake country), illness and decrepitude without resources for care, Losing independence, Losing breathable air, Lack of edible food, Angry stupid men with nuclear warheads, Angry anyone with guns, Artificial intelligence–for the many ways it can be misused, Gene manipulation–for the many ways that can be misused…What are Yours?

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    1. I think that war and poverty are huge problems in the world today. Too many innocent civilians are being killed on a daily basis simply because they were unfortunate enough to be born into an active war zone.

      In addition, I find it saddening that although we have enough resources on Earth to provide a good standard of life for everyone, we have been unable to do. Obesity and malnutrition are both issues which coexist in today’s world, similarly, extreme poverty and extreme wealth are prevalent in society – will we ever find a way to escape this inequality?

      Of course, your fears are also important to address but it’s interesting to see the differences between the issues we both brought up!

      I think it’s amazing that you went back to college to learn computer graphics, I can’t wait to see your new piece incorporating your 9 fears – hopefully you’ll share it on your blog!


    2. I’m 32 (gasp, I had to count the years to be sure I had that number correct), and I would list my biggest fears as:
      – Not being able to provide a stable life for my daughter in an ever-changing world (you wouldn’t think it a big deal, but being able to own a small home with a garden to work with is apparently, asking for a lot more than I could ever afford);
      – World War III (which would undeniably be nuclear);
      – Global warming (and the effects it would have – including natural disasters and super storm cells);
      – Greed destroying basic human necessities: food, water, land, air, medicine…

      I hope that these answers can help answer your question. 🙂

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