Hello and welcome to BlueFishh, *

My name is Guntash and I’m so glad you found your way onto my website – here, you will find weekly posts covering a variety of my hobbies and interests including music, engineering, economics, religion, society, philosophy and animation/visual arts. I’ve also made the huge decision to personally illustrate all of the header images/featured images I use in my blog and posts** – so everything you see from now on has either been created on my tablet or laptop. By my own hands. (even the thought of that sounds crazy to me because I literally have no experience in doing illustration whatsoever)

So, you’re probably wondering: Guntash, why did you choose the name ‘BlueFishh’ when you could have chosen any other name in the world? Well, firstly, I would say that there were only really a limited number of names I could have chosen from because there are so many WordPress sites that a lot of the names have already been used (if you have a site, you’ll know the struggle). Secondly, I would say blue is my favourite colour – this is actually quite a recent discovery and it’s prone to change at any point so if there’s another change in blog name, you’ll know why. Also, I’ve found a lot of reasons to like the colour blue: it’s calm, cool, relaxing and fresh. You can’t say that about a lot of things, but you can say it about the colour blue. Don’t deny it. Thirdly, I’d say that fish are awesome creatures (more on this later).

Anyway, in order to explicitly lay it down for you, I thought I’d list the main aims of this blog:

  • To provide a place where you can find useful information that’s actually worth knowing;
  • to provide a source of inspiration and creativity which you often don’t come across in your day to day life;
  • to create an environment in which people are encouraged and willing to share their thoughts and opinions without the fear of being judged;
  • and, most importantly, to entertain and make you smile.

On top of this, I want to raise awareness of various social, political, cultural and economic issues that I’ve come across in order to promote public discussion on these various topics as it can sometimes be frightening/intimidating to discuss them in person. Also, you may not have a platform to discuss them in person and WordPress is the perfect place to do it!

Nice meeting you and I hope you’re intrigued,




*As you may or may not know, the name of the blog was changed from ‘Everyday Economix’ to ‘BlueFishh’. To briefly explain, this is a new start to my blog which previously focused solely on economics. If you want more of an explanation for the change in name, as well as the change in genre of the blog, it is (partly) outlined in this post – check it out if you’re interested.

**The featured image above is some art I created on Adobe Animate CC. It’s my first shot at some form of illustration so please don’t be too harsh.